Able Catch – Tab Winged Moth Traps

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Already seen the reports on the Able Catch moth trap?  If you then you may already be aware of the versatile Tab Wings, but if not we’ll bring you up to date.

The lowly pest trap tab

Instead of focusing on the Able Catch Moth Trap Basics (which are covered in detail elsewhere) let’s explore the Tab and its Wings.   On most pantry moth traps, you know the drill… Prefold, remove the liner, place the pheromone lure  then Insert Tab into Slot, and put the trap near moths.   With the traditional moth traps that’s the TAB’s only purpose, then it just sits there keeping the trap assembled.

Moth Trap Tabs come in all sizes some are stubby, some are wide, some take up way too much space that could have been used to catch a moth.   Then there is the angle of the tab, in many cases the Tab & trap are at odd angles, and more times than not the trap forms a triangle and the tab and slot sit at the top, in the middle of the trap.

ABle Catch moth trap tab wings on back corner

Moth Trap TAB moves to the edge

Traps Direct took an alternate view of the trap tab, and designed the Able Catch Tab to work long after the moth trap is assembled.    The first design change was a change to a 4 sided trap ( a TRAPezoid ) , which doubled the Active Trap Flight Entrance (ATFE) zone, but it also moved the TAB and SLOT to a the upper back corner of the pantry pest trap.  Now the Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap can sit flush against a wall, with no loss of trap space.

Able Catch TAB WINGS

It’s an improvement to be able to place the moth trap against a flat surface, but the tricks of this tab don’t stop there.   Notice that the TAB is Wider than most tabs, and it has a valley in the middle.    If you look only at the TAB itself, it might appear that the right and left side of the tab form WINGS… and the middle section could imagine a head, making the depression a TAB NECK.

Close up of the ABLE Catch Moth tab wings onlyThis quarter inch outer edge of the tab does in fact work like wings…

Use the wings flat to TAB WING TUCK ,

fold the wings back to use the TAB WING HOOK, or

Bend the wings overhead for an extended TAB WING LOOP

More on these in another post.