ACPPT – Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap – Premium Moth Traps

Combine an industry first Trap-ezoid shape, airborne deployment using TAB WNGS , catch power from Professional Agricultural Grade Pheromone Lures in an attractive granite / stone green package and you have the Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap ( ACPPT )

A Better Moth Trap

3 years in the making,  25 different concept models and countless focus groups led the way to perfect the newly released ACPPT pro-strength pantry moth trap.   In an effort to build a better moth trap, Traps Direct engineers studied 10 years of customer feed back, reviewed catch patterns on hundreds of customer photos and worked with 25 different shapes to re-imagine the simple pantry moth trap.   Along the journey they were frequently asked “why change a throw away product”?  Why?  Because even a throw away product sits in our homes and should be attractive and effective.    “thoughtful Eco-friendly design can benefit customers as well as the planet, so what if it gets thrown away, customers don’t want something ugly in their homes”.    All of this led to the Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap – a pheromone moth trap made better by design.

National Brand Moth Trap Feedback

After selling other national brand moth traps for years, feedback from customers uncovered some consistent issues:

  • Wood Grain Moth Traps don’t match my decor
  • Pantry Moth Traps with BOLD Letters and COLORS draws to much attention
  • How do you catch a flying moth with a trap sitting on a shelf?
    A fair number of customer comments expressed frustration wondering how a trap on a cupboard shelf was meant to catch a flying moth.
  • Why do both lures come in the same package
  • Moth Traps waste space in my crowded cupboard

Customer Moth Trap Photos

Careful review of customer moth trap photos sent to Traps Direct and Posted on other websites revealed that many moths are caught near the Trap Active Field Entrance ( TAFE ) and many brand have less than 100% Trap Active Field ( TAF )  leaving wasting potential trap field unable to catch anything.  Customer photos also indicated customers attempting to tape or hang the trap to conserve shelf space.

Elements of a Better Moth Trap

Changes needed to make a pantry moth better:ACPPT Moth trap pheromone results

  • Updated Color and Patterns
  • Reduce wasted counter space
  • Reduce package waste
  • Increase trap field
  • Flexible placement
  • Single wrap pheromone

Each of the elements of a Better Moth Trap carry hours of design discussion that will be explored over time, but for now the release of ACPPT moth traps blends all of these elements into a modern, sleek, functional and effective pro-strength pantry moth trap designed specifically for Direct to Home Owner distribution.   Moth Trap 2.0 to quote technologists.

Inspired design, Professional Grade Eco-sensible moth traps, available direct to you, no pest control company or exterminator required.

Enjoy the new standard in Pantry Moth Control.






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